The challenge


A forex news, analysis and market quotes website wishes to launch an automated market signal generation service. The signals to buy or sell currency pairs must be generated by algorithmic trading strategies that are executed continuously. Once processed by the website back office, the signals are offered to users as recommendations on the website or through notifications.

This service must be integrated into the website infrastructure, connecting to the forex quote data feed used by the client. In addition, the solution should make it possible to easily design, test and execute the algorithms that will generate the signals, which will not be executed in the real market. Finally, the system must be able to manage a heavy workload caused by the simultaneous execution of a high number of strategies.

The solution

After evaluating the project requirements, Qbitia proposed implementing the QDN-Qcaid integrated solution, supported by a dedicated server infrastructure, in which different machines would be used for real-time and historical testing and for strategy execution.

The stability and responsiveness of the system is thus guaranteed.

The implementation of the QDN solution entailed the integration with the data feeds used by the website, both historical and in real time.

QDN used the data to feed a custom-made version of their algorithmic trading platform QCAID specifically designed for the managers of the website.

Once that version of Qcaid was installed on the managers’ computers, they had full control over the strategies.

QCAID’s interface allows managers not only to design any type of signal-generating algorithm, but also to test algos with historical data, to simulate them in real time, and finally to put them into operation on the production environment.

QDN sends the orders generated from Qcaid to the website’s back office system, so that they are converted into signals that feed different services and functionalities. For example, users can access the graphical representation of the whole performance of the strategies, as well as a series of ratios and statistics for each of them.

Qbitia manages the maintenance, monitoring and support of the service.

The results

The implementation of the QDN-QCAID solution brought with it a series of benefits from the management point of view and also in the commercial results. Managers have benefited from a decrease in the time they spent designing strategies, as QCAID´s interface is easier, more flexible and more intuitive. They have also seen increased backtesting capacity, reducing the time required for this task.

The website users now have access to a greater number of signals generated, resulting in increases in website traffic, in the time users spend on the page and, in general, in their satisfaction with the service.

Services used