The portfolio of services of Qbitia offers tailor-made solutions to a wide range of needs of banks, ranging from financial risk and valuation services to trading as well as data and process automation.

QVAF - Financial asset valuation

Comprehensive financial instrument valuation service with full coverage of instruments and their underlying assets.

QTEC - Evaluation of hedge accounting effectiveness

Comprehensive hedge accounting advisory service.

QDN - Management of financial information and data

Technological infrastructure for information processing and process automation, which connects to the data sources from the bank’s providers to feed all kinds of services in different departments, both internal and aimed at clients.

QKID - Production of KID

Service for the management of KIDs of Packaged Retail and Insurance-Based Investment Products (PRIIPs).

Technology consulting

Development of software solutions, especially for automation and data processing, aimed at optimizing processes and implementing high value-added services for the bank’s clients.

QRIF - Financial instrument classification

Independent financial asset risk classification service.

QRISK - Financial risk analysis

Independent service for the measurement and analysis of financial risks of institutions and portfolios.

Advisory and customised services

Specialized advisory service in the fields of financial risks and valuation, management auditing and independent reporting.

QCAID - Trading automation

Automatic trading platform for treasury and trading desks, which offers visual designing of algorithms, backtesting, simulation and market execution.


Euroffers - Comprehensive solution for retail investment

Technological solution to provide independent investors with direct access to public offerings in the primary market.