Qbitia’s portfolio of services is aimed at making it easier for managers to focus on what is most important: results.

QVAF - Financial asset valuation

Independent valuation service for all types of financial instruments and underlying assets (equities, interest rates, commodities, inflation, FX or credit).

QRISK - Financial risk analysis

Financial risk consulting service, especially in the areas of measurement and analysis of risks of institutions and of any type of investment portfolio.

QDCR - Delegation of risk control

Risk control function delegation service.

QKID - Production of KID

Comprehensive KID management service for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products.

QDN - Management of financial information and data

Technological infrastructure and service for efficient data management and process automation, that can be easily integrated with any information feed and with the client’s or third-party’s services.

Technology consulting

Custom-built data processing solutions for management efficiency.

Advisory and customised services

Advice on financial valuation and risks, adaptation to new regulatory procedures and preparation of independent reports.

QCAID - Trading automation

Platform to automate trading in a simple way with backtesting, simulation and execution functionalities.