A reliable consulting service and an applied technological development combine to help insurers redefine their relationship with clients, facilitating the development of high added-value products.

QVAF - Financial asset valuation

Financial instrument valuation service with full coverage of assets.

QRISK - Financial risk analysis

Risk measurement service offering complete coverage of instruments and underlying assets.

QTEC - Evaluation of hedge accouting effectiveness

Service for measuring the effectiveness of hedge accounting based on current regulations.

QDN - Management of financial information and data

Infrastructure and service for the integration of information fees, data processing and data distribution to the services of the insurance company or of third parties.

Technology consulting

Design and development of customized solutions, especially in the areas of process management and automated data processing.

QKID - Production of KID

Comprehensive management service of the KID of insurance-based investment products.

Advisory and customised services

Personalized advice on financial risk assessment and measurement, reporting support, internal audit or validation, and adaptation of processes to new regulatory frameworks.

QCAID - Trading automation

All-in-one algorithmic trading platform, offering visual strategy designing, backtesting, simulation and market execution.