Qbitia is glad to announce the launch of Qcaid iSystems Edition. This new version of QCAID offers traders an additional way to benefit from the strategies developed on QCAID by renting them on the marketplace of iSystems.

Now you can take advantage of QCAID designing capabilities to easily create your algos and then upload them to iSystems, the marketplace for automated strategies. With QCAID’s drag & drop editor, you don’t need programming skills to automate your trading ideas and to execute them with different kinds of assets. QCAID also provides access to market data, an extensive library of functions and indicators and a realistic testing environment, among other useful features. And all this free of charge for strategy developers.

Once your automated strategies are uploaded to iSystems, only the results of the strategies will be published, so that clients can see their performance and choose which one to rent. The logic and design of your algos will remain confidential at all times.

Making money with QCAID iSystems Edition is very easy:

1. Download the platform for free here.
2. Design your trading strategy.
3. Upload your strategy just by clicking a button.
4. Choose the licensing fee for your systems.
5. Your systems will be available for rent on the iSystems marketplace.
6. You can track your followers and how many leases you have sold in real time.

In short, QCAID iSystems Edition and your trading ideas will make you earn money with no programming skills, no risks and no costs.

You can find more information on QCAID iSystems Edition website and on this video.