Last month Qbitia was at the Trading Show Chicago along other 1.000 leading CTOs, quants and data scientists from automated trading firms, hedge funds, banks and asset managers.

The Trading Show, pioneering event of the quant and trading sector, provides the opportunity to make new connections and showcase the most innovative technology, driving forward algorithmic trading. We see these type of events as the best opportunity to share industry knowledge and meet peers from the algorithmic trading community. That’s way this year Qbitia participated as associate sponsors in this leading conference.

This show took place on the 18th and 19th of May in which the foremost experts and professionals of the sector were speaking and sharing knowledge of their field. The topics covered in these conferences were about automated trading, the quant world, Big Data in Finance and HPC. During these days there were also multiple meetings, networking breaks, interactive roundtables and 1-2-1 partnering sessions, bringing together peers from the algorithmic trading and quant world.

The actual show didn’t start until Tuesday, though Qbitia started warming up the previous night. We sponsored an awesome evening party in collaboration with Trading in Chicago in which we had the chance to get together, catch up and hear from big leaders of the trading industry before the show started.

After this awesome two-day show, our team went onto host a meetup at The Randolf´s Tavern, approaching topics to do with algorithmic trading. In this meeting we enjoyed a lovely evening in between beers, professional chats and encounters with experts from the trading and fintech sector.

This event was a great success as it gathered a huge amount of traders interested in getting to know our algorithmic trading platform, Qcaid, and hearing from our high qualified team members. Definitely these were two really productive hours talking about algo trading and solving all doubts and issues raised.It’s also great to read the good feedback received from this event, which allows us to get closer to our clients and bring accurate solutions to their needs.

Overall, we are pleased to say that these three days overcome our expectations and we got to meet and chat with interesting profiles from the industry. It was great to catch up with all our colleagues and we can’t wait to see you again at the next one.